The mainstream will embrace non-binary genders when it figures out how to profit from them.

"Which gender are YOU? Do gender YOUR way… at JC Penney!"






Reblog if your cramps have ever

  • made you vomit
  • lasted between 2-3 days
  • stopped you from being able to walk or run
  • made you cry

It’s not considered a viable excuse on any occasion, and I would like to know why.


  • woken you up at night the pain was so bad


  • made you pass out

don’t forget

  • made you unable to stand up without doubling over and grabbing onto the closest object for support



is this a nature spirit


is tesco feeling ok 



Well I was always pretty sure that’s the case but it’s interesting to get it confirmed!




Well I was always pretty sure that’s the case but it’s interesting to get it confirmed!


Nicki: fuck them skinny bitches
Me: YAS! I ain't shit!

reblog if you’re non-binary, pretty, and afraid of adult responsibilities

i love having panic attacks over asinine shit! i love struggling with the most basic of tasks


Mushroom cave commission!


Mushroom cave commission!


nicki minaj is a goddess and can probably do anything I doubt that physics or time or space or nature would stop her if she tried to defy them


I used to be real bitter about fandoms and the like, and it’s true that that is no longer my preferred way to enjoy media, with a giant group of people that is riddled with problems as giant groups of people tend to be, but like it’s not even my problem so long as I keep my enjoyment of Things relatively confined to my own personal bubble

But so much of Being Online is seeing people go at each other viciously over the things they like and it’s so, so petty, I can’t believe so many Internet Youths feel entitled to earnestly judging people based on the media they enjoy, because when you get down to it good people are good people no matter how embarrassing their tastes may be for you, and yeah the media people enjoy and HOW they enjoy it may be indicative of the kinds of people they are, but viewing people as the sum of their opinions on That Show You Hate is trite and a lazy way out of empathizing with other human beings

This isn’t a response to any one thing but it’s something I’ve been thinking bout for a while, I’m not comfortable with just passively watching it, y’all need to grow up, so on and so forth