When ur friend post art

Have you tried talking to your doctor about phenergan or zofran? Both are really great antiemetic meds. Total lifesavers!!

gosh thanks so much for the suggestion, ill bring it up next time i go!!

emetophobia warning? kind of

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boy i die

i just spelled my own name wrong. i am. too sick to do homework

basically i need to flip a coin to decide whether its gonna be my mental or physical health thats gonna be compromised

im just so stressed rn because i am waaaaay way too sick to go to school but i still have to anyway because my school/classes are so rigorous that you have to be there every fucking day or else youre just completely fucked


Simple 3 colour drawings of every Smash Bros character!

Trying to capture their details with such small palettes was challenging and a lot of fun!

ok here are some words about villains in media

i want to be able to know why the villain is the way they are

but dont try to make me feel sorry or sympathetic for the villain

if someone is an asshole and does bad things, sad back stories should be an explanation, not an excuse

sometimes i dont even realize how bad my social anxiety is until i really think about it. like i just remembered that the #1 reason i dont have a phone is because one on one conversation scares the shit out of me


you ever notice a lot of stuff is considered poor and gross unless its upper middle class (white) people doing it

food trucks in the 90s were the realm of taco trucks and fairground food and were always considered unhygienic and nasty until all these rich city kids started opening food trucks and now they’re “trendy” and “innovative”

riding your bike to work is only considered geofriendly if you can also afford to drive a car but don’t want to, then you’re saving the earth, everyone else isn’t somehow??

recycling old cheap stuff to be used as furniture and wearing really old clothing is a sign of poverty unless you’re doing it a certain way or wearing a certain kind of old clothing

double standards are gross and you should expose them in your life as much as possible